Muslims in Russia on Tuesday mark their most important holiday – Eid al-Adha, due to which motor transport traffic in a number of Moscow districts will be restricted.

“Due to the religious events in mosques, motor traffic will be restricted from midnight until their end in Durov Street – from the Olympic Avenue to Mira Avenue; in Gilyarovsky Street – from Durov Street to Kapelsky Side Street; in Meshchanskaya Street – from Durov Street to Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya Street; in Shchepkina Street – from Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya Street to Samarskaya Street,” the city traffic police said.

In addition, motor traffic will be restricted in the Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street – from Sadovnichesky Lane to Bolshoi Tatarsky Side Street, as well as in the Vypolzov, Maly Tatarsky, Stary Tolmachevsky and Ozerkovsky Side Streets. Traffic police have called on all drivers of the city to be extremely careful and select alternative routes in advance.

According to the press service of Moscow’s main police department, about 4 thousand police officers, Interior troops and vigilantes will be ensuring security during the Eid al-Adha celebration events.

It is prohibited to carry bladed article, large bags, plastic, glass and other containers with liquids at the festive events for terrorism security considerations. If suspicious people are noticed in the crowd or some abandoned items, the police should be immediately notified.

“We ask people not to yield to provocations of individuals who may try to use you for their unlawful purposes,” the police department stressed, warning that “any attempts at wrongdoing will be suppressed in strict compliance with the legislation in effect and the perpetrators will be brought to responsibility.”

Eid al-Adha – the Feast of the Sacrifice, is the most important day in the Muslim calendar. This year it is celebrated from 15 to 17 October. In order to cope with the influx of worshipers in mosques, three additional sites have been provided on October 15 in the Russian capital for the Muslim morning prayer: near the Izumrudny sports and recreation complex, in the Park of the 60th Anniversary of the October Revolution and at exhibition hall No. 2 at the Sokolniki park. There are also 25 sites for the prayer services in the suburbs.

In 2012, around 150,000 Muslims took part in the Eid al-Adha celebration events in Moscow.

source: voice of russia