Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh, the grand mufti, has urged Muslims who have performed Haj once already to avoid the pilgrimage journey this season in order to allow first-time pilgrims the opportunity to perform Haj conveniently.
The mufti advised Muslims to donate the money they would have spent on the pilgrimage to support those in need.
Addressing a conference organized by the Haj Ministry in Makkah, he said Haj is compulsory for a person once in his lifetime. “Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) performed Haj only once,” he said. “Muslims should follow these rules and make Haj easier for everybody.”
He stressed that a person’s Haj duty is accomplished by performing it once in his or her lifetime and that there is no need for repeating the pilgrimage, especially in these years when a large number of pilgrims come for Haj from different parts of the world.

source: arabnews