Are you a technology specialist seeking a job? Or a student choosing a specialty that will surely work out? Study the latest technology job market trends.

H1: What Does 2018 Have in Store for Technology Specialists?

Technology is commonplace in today’s world, and nobody can ever imagine any industry or sector dealing without it. Accordingly, the demand for technology experts grows exponentially to meet the requirements of growing industry. However, when we speak of a technology job, are you sure that we mean the same? No matter whether you require history essay help or seek a job in the technology market – research and trends analysis is the clue to making the right choice and acting wisely. So, to equip you with the latest data on popular technology jobs, we have conducted thorough research and are now sharing the findings with you.

H2: Data Scientists  

This is perhaps the most demanded professional in the technology sphere at present. Why so? Data rules the world now, and those who learn to make sense of it and make strategic decisions are rich and famous. The process of gathering and analyzing masses of data is performed by data scientists – people who know everything about data, and more companies wish to hire such specialists day by day. As a result of such booming demand, the mean salary that a data scientist may expect is about $100,000 – a very impressive and attractive offer for a middle-level specialist.

H2: Business Intelligence Analysts  

As it was said above, data is king now, and the companies that make sense of data and understand it correctly are able to predict trends, thus taking necessary action on time and earning on them. BIAs help companies discern valuable data from masses of available information, thus allowing timely investment, product launch, or other steps that anticipate the actions of competitors. Modern market favors the first, and so does the customer. So, having a good BIA is a sure path to market success. Probably that’s why BIAs earn about $70,000-$90,000 on average.

H2: Database-related Jobs 

In response to the rapid growth and increasing complexity of data, databases emerged as ways of systematizing and storing masses of data belonging to individuals and organizations. At present, databases are undergoing fundamental transformation to handle raw, unorganized data and address its complexity. Thus, database developers and administrators enjoy high popularity in the market, earning $80,000-90,000 on average. The first develop databases for specific organizational purposes or adjust and renovate the existing ones in line with changing technical demands; the second set them up in specific organizations and oversee their non-interrupted functioning.

H2:  Data Analytics Managers

Data analytics is a very specific skill, and specialists in this area are always in high demand, earning over $100,000 on average. These managers combine solid knowledge about business, data, and technology into user-friendly and insightful analytical reports communicated to the rest of business team. Based on their reports, strategic business decisions and changes are determined to respond to market fluctuations. So, it is a very responsible job of moving the business forward by anticipating trends and meeting the customer needs even before they arise.

H2: Help Desk/Support Desk Technicians

Help desk, or support desk, is a strategically essential aspect of any business working with customers directly. The assistance of help desk technicians may be needed on a realm of issues, and these specialists are usually the first line of contact with the company. Hence, they need to be technically apt and communicatively capable to measure a variety of situations on a daily basis.

H2: Network Administrators 

Data and technology are not static concepts; data now circulates in networks, and even a small company is a network of users, technology, and staff. These systems need well-trained specialists in software and hardware, those who can perform troubleshooting at any moment and restore a failed or improperly operating network. To become a successful network administrator, you should possess the troubleshooting and communication skill, should be able to analyze data and diagnose problems, and should be ready to stay in touch 24/7.

H2: Data Security Specialists 

With such an enormous increase in data use for business purposes, its intactness becomes the key priority for businesses and organizations. Too many hackers are out there, ready to intrude into your secret database and steal sensitive corporate data to leave data security to chance. So, data security specialists are highly popular in the job market as they help define and set up network security requirements, monitor all activity in the network, and implement various security strategies once a breach is suspected.

As it is true for data, knowing the trends informs decision-maker and makes you a winner. These are the trends of technology jobs for this year, with the popularity of the discussed jobs not expected to fall in the near future. Choose a profession to pursue in case you wish to become a demanded specialist with excellent career advancement options and a six-figure income.



by: James Sampson