The espionage trial of 36 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including former president Mohamed Morsi, resumes on Sunday.


It comes after the defence team withdrew in the first session to demand the removal of the soundproof booth surrounding the defendants in their cage.

In response, the court appointed ten new defence lawyers.

But Hussein Farouq, one of the defence lawyers, told Ahram Online that this decision invalidates the trial as the defendants had only authorised the original defence team to represent them.

The glass boxes were installed to prevent the defendants disrupting the trial, as they had done repeatedly in earlier appearances.

Lead defence lawyer Mohamed Selim El-Awa told Ahram Online that lawyers would not attend court until the glass boxes are removed.

Morsi and the 35 other Brotherhood figures stand accused of collaborating with foreign organisations to commit acts of terrorism in Egypt, revealing defence secrets to a foreign country, funding terrorists and organising military training “to achieve the purposes of the international organisation of the Brotherhood,” according to a statement from the prosecution…. see more

source: ahram online