Table, sofa, television, car, wall, clothes, food and everything around you is equal to money, in fact the whole world is full of money. Because we human beings forgot that we are social creatures and we are here to live for what this world came into being. Not to earn money. Basically money in and of itself is nothing, just a piece of paper or a metal coin with a historic image on it.

Ancient people exchanged commodities, like cows, blood, snails, tobacco leaves, cacao, beans, stones and many crazy things were used before money was invented by a man named “Ghengis Khan” when he conquered China in 13th century. The important point is, money is an invention of human being like “Ghengis Khan “so we should not consider it everything in life.

Today what is happening around us, a father is killing his own daughter, husband killing wife, mother attempting suicide along with her innocent children because money created problems among them. They were poor according to human beings .

A family full of luxury life seems like they are living a perfect life but there may be a huge quarrel every night among husband and wife on not giving proper time to family, their kids are spoilt because their parents are busy in making money , then how can life be perfect. We are surrounded by tensions, quarrels, fights, depression, and we say why this is happening to us why we can we not live a happy life forever.

Because we forget that we are social creatures, there are many aspects, other than money which contribute indispensable parts of life. We must be able to use our social skills in order to get along with others in a society. We should know how to respect and get respect in return. We are expected to adhere to moral values and be knowledgeable enough to discriminate between right and wrong.
All these spiritual features are hardly obtainable through money.

Whenever we look back into history what we see is that all our well known scientists were from poor families, they lived in poverty until their death, And we admire them as those who contributed greatly to our world.

A typical example of love, mother, s love can never ever be bought with money Health is Allah’s biggest gift to his people ,it cannot be bought or sold if an infant is born with a genetic disorder than what money can do, nothing. All these natural calamities cannot be stopped with money.

So all in all money is not everything in life. Money can give happiness just for the moment.
Money cannot be helpful in terms of social communications, feelings we express and preventing un predictive events in our lives. it is not the solution for everything in life. We should stop paying too much attention to mundane aspects of life.

By: Sadaf Hassan