MOBILE numbers beginning with “04” is so 2012.

No really. There aren’t many left.

The demand for mobile phone numbers is so high that “04” phone numbers is set to run out by 2017.

“Demand for mobile numbers is being driven by new technologies like internet capable smart phones, tablets and machine to machine communications,” ACMA chairman Chris Chapman said.

About 24.5 million mobile phone numbers were registered in Australia in 2011, it has been reported.

ACMA estimated Australia will need between six and 62 million new mobile phone numbers by 2020 and 100 million new numbers over the next 20 years.

Fear not. ACMA has a plan and it involves adding an extra digit, for as long as it has to, to keep up with supply.

Mobile numbers starting with 04 won’t be affected by the change and will continue to be used.



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