People knew that the millennial generation was going to be a major force in the job market for some time, but it has finally happened. This generation is now the largest group of potential employees, making them quite important for the US economy. This is one reason why more and more employers are desperate to find ways to employ, train, and keep millennials, especially because they are hard to keep. The following are a few tips to help you retain this group.


Explain Training

There was a time when employers could simply train employees without worrying too much about employees’ needs. Employees, at one point, knew that training was just part of what they had to learn to do their job well. Millennials do not give training too much importance if they do not know why it is going to be helpful to them later. The first thing you need to do when training this young workforce is explain how these skills are going to be helpful later.


Provide Mentors

Some millennials feel that they need to be the best at what they do. This means some of them could get easily discouraged if they do not meet their own high standards. You do not want this young workforce to feel discouraged because they might start to feel the same way about your business, which means that productivity could suffer. What you want to do is provide a mentor or coach for millennials. These professionals can help millennials understand that their excellence can only come after working for some time. The coaches should help encourage millennials to do better with time rather than expect it too quickly, which rarely happens.


Be Expansive

Millennials are not satisfied with basic training. This young workforce believes in themselves and are interested in learning as much as possible. Part of the reason they want to learn more is because they want to improve themselves. This is one reason you need to provide things like influence training. You want to give millennials the tools to be anything they want in your company, which does include leadership skills. In short, you want to treat each millennial like they have the potential to grow in any way they choose to.


Digital Works

Okay, this one is not that hard because most people know that millennials are tech-savvy. You want to use this knowledge to train millennials by employing technology to train your employees. Think of offering training videos that they can see on their smartphones, or consider using some of the technical tools that you already use in your business to train your employees. The reason you are doing this is because millennials respond better to technology because this is one of the most important ways for them to absorb knowledge.


Feedback is Vital

This generation loves feedback. Millennials not only want to know that they are doing a good job, but they also want to know if they are heading in the right direction. This is something that this generation wants not only at the beginning but as their career advances. You might already give some of your employees feedback, but millennials expect more feedback than generations before them. You can have some of their coaches give feedback or their managers. You can also ensure that your HR representative gives millennials enough feedback. It might seem like a chore, but the reason that millennials need feedback is because they want to improve and want to feel appreciated, which should help retain these employees.


These are just some of the things you can do to train this generation in a way that is going to be effective. Hopefully, some of these tips not only help train great employees but long-lasting ones, too.


by:  Mikkie Mills