Dutch investigators say the remains of only 200 people from flight MH17, in addition to some body parts, have been delivered to forensic teams.

Some 298 people, the majority of them from the Netherlands, were on board the flight.

“At this moment we are talking about 200, that is for sure, 200 victims – which means there are probably remains left in the area where this disaster took place,” said Jaan Tunder, from the Dutch forensics team.

OSCE observers at the crash scene on Tuesday confirmed there were still unrecovered human remains and “smaller body parts”.

An Interpol team is currently helping examine remains in the first stages of what it calls DVI (Disaster Victim Identification), after the victims recovered so far were transported overnight to the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Pro-Russian separatists had said the remains of 282 people would be on board the refrigerated train.

The bodies will be flown to the Netherlands on Wednesday where full identification is to take place… see more

source: skynews