Viber, one of the most widely used messaging apps for mobile, has released a series of social games, ready to further challenge apps such as Line and WeChat. Viber initially launched three games in a selection of markets in late 2014, with a worldwide launch expected to follow in early 2015.

On February 26, Viber pushed its new games out into the wide world. Available through Google Play and the iTunes App Store, the three launch titles are Viber Candy Mania, Viber Pop, and Wild Luck Casino.

All are linked to your Viber account, and connect to leaderboards where scores can be shared, and friends challenged. Messages and notifications related to the games will appear in a dedicated section of the app. The games are free to play, while various items can be purchased in each one, and related virtual gifts will be sold; which is where Viber will make its money… see more

source: digitaltrends