A Nightlife in Elam

Buner(Pakistan): Who says you need to be an electrical engineer to light up the darkness? Zahir Shah Malang proved that all you need is positivity and a hydropower station.

Malang’s determination has lit 180 homes already and aims to light 250 more in the isolated mountain settlement of Buner, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “I saw a hydropower station in another village”, says a jovial Malang, “and I thought ‘we have enough water, I can make one of these!'” and so he did.
With a little financing and the help of his friends, Malang brought the residents of his primitive community to the night loving 21st century.

Malang’s remote village can be accessed after a 5km uphill trek. It remains a place where people rise with the sun and retire when it sets; grow, rear or hunt what they eat and suffer mountain winters which paralyze them.

But Malang’s 220 watt rays of light in every home promise a brighter future.