After getting death and rape threats for being a Muslim, a Canadian activist decided to raise awareness about Islamophobia, asking people to hug a man labeled a “terrorist” in the streets of Toronto. She shared people’s moving reaction with RT.

“We didn’t expect to receive so much positive reaction, this much encouragement and support. But we are happy to see Canadians react this way to Islamophobia,” Asoomii Jay, the action’s organizer, told RT.

Jay decided to take matters into her own hands after she experienced the growing hatred towards Muslims first-hand. Together with other Canadian activists, she carried out an inspiring social experiment called “Blind and Trust,” in which a Muslim man, Mustafa Mawla, stood blindfolded on a busy street in Toronto with his arms outstretched and open. The man had a sign beside him reading: “I am a Muslim. I am labeled as a terrorist,” and another that read, “I trust you. Do you trust me? Give me a hug.”.. see more

source: RT