A man says he is “absolutely delighted” after getting a step closer to proving if he is the illegitimate son of the Queen’s sister.

Robert Brown is trying to see the contents of Princess Margaret’s will and that of the Queen Mother.

The Jersey accountant, 58, believes he may be Margaret’s secret child and that she could have hidden a pregnancy in 1955.

He has now been allowed to challenge a decision refusing him access to documents he says show there was a “secret judicial process” for sealing Royal wills.

He wanted to see them under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and has been given permission to seek a judicial review into the earlier refusal.

The wills were drawn up around the time of Margaret’s death in 2002 and were “sealed” to keep their contents from being made public.

The princess married Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960 and they had two children – Lord Linley, born in 1961, and Lady Sarah Chatto, born in 1964.

Mr Brown believes his father was possibly Robin Douglas-Home, with whom the princess had an alleged romance in 1967.

He claims the later stages of Margaret’s pregnancy were covered up with the use of body doubles and that he was sent to Kenya to be brought up as the child of Cynthia and Douglas Brown in Nairobi.

Judge Mr Justice Phillips said there were “compelling” constitutional reasons to give the green light to Mr Brown’s legal challenge.

It comes despite a previous Court of Appeal observation that Mr Brown’s claim to be Princess Margaret’s son was “scandalous and irrational”.

The judge said the case gave rise “to important points of principle and practice” regarding open justice and the public interest… see more

source: skynews