A man has killed eight people and then himself in Canada, with bodies found across three crime scenes, according to police.

Seven victims were found in one home in Edmonton, including two children under the age of 10.

Witnesses have told police the owner of the property had been suffering from financial difficulties.

Officers had made a call to that address three-and-a-half hours earlier, after receiving reports of a man acting in a suicidal manner.

By the time they arrived, the man had already left the house, so no action was taken.

Previously, police had visited the property on two separate occasions.

In November 2012, a man was arrested and charged with offences relating to domestic violence and sexual assault.

A middle-aged woman was killed earlier in another part of the city, and police believe the “planned and deliberate” deaths are related.

The body of a person matching the description of the “suicidal” man was found inside a Vietnamese restaurant a short time later.

A 9mm handgun, registered in British Columbia but reported stolen in 2006, was used in the attacks.

Edmonton Police chief Rod Knecht has described the incident as a “senseless mass murder”.

Sky Correspondent Greg Milam said the crime is not thought to be gang-related… see more

source: skynews