I believed ..
We are living in this world full of magical things..
Everywhere there’s something that you will be so amazed to see..
People here and there everywhere are so busy with their own role.
Some are in a hurry ..
Other’s looks so calm and fresh ..
Many looks so tired depressed and super stressed..
Few looks so happy contented and so much alive.
Many faces ,different facial expressions..
Everyone has each own role.
Own name tag..
Own life..
Own rules..
Own destinations..
Own path way..
Own faith..
Own belief..
Own religion..
But in general..
We are all heading to only one eternal destination..
They say there’s two way..
But I believed no one wants to be there (wrong way)…
So we only choose the only one destination that everyone wants to go.
A destinations in which all sufferings,chaos are going to an end..
A place where sickness, starving,war,and many more are off.
A place where you can experience an eternal peace love and happiness.
But in order to get in we must be aware of what we are doing while we are still in Journey.
“”For many are called, but few are chosen.”
Our key to that door is in our hand ..
With our deeds..
With our faith ..
If You believed that you are now holding that key..
Just keep on going never quit..
You are being watched..
Think that you can do it ..
Show it ..
Do it..
Live Love Life with Faith Peace in Your heart ..
Make your Journey worthwhile..
You can reach your destination with Smile.
Happy Traveling to all of Us.


By: Nelia Vista