Life is a Journey..
A journey of no return.
A journey of many roads.
A roads that seems none of it is clear.
A journey in which time is so fast.
A journey that loads of changes but chances are few.
A journey that you can learn,makes you grow,,
Build you into a warrior.
A warrior with faith as armor and hope as shield.
And Love that makes you strong in facing whatever life throws on you.
Those things makes your journey and make your travel worthy.
None of us knows what we had in the future .
We are here to fulfill God’s promise live Life whatever it cost.
Just take all what has given to you and make your mark upon this earth during your journey.
Trust your heart to show you everything you ever wanted and need.
Your heart will show you where fate leads you.
Your fate on which God’s chosen and planned for you to have.
A journey of life that gave all of us a name tag “the traveller”..
Travel with faith,hope and love.
And get ready to reach your destination with happiness and proud.
Happy traveling.

By: Nelia Vista
       Nelia Vista  is poet, inspirational and quote writer