Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan spent several hours in captivity after a ‘former rebel’ militia kidnapped him from a Tripoli hotel in retaliation for his apparent cooperation with a US anti-terror raid.

After Zeidan was freed by his captors unharmed, he urged another militia group who helped in his release to join the regular armed forces.

“Libyans need wisdom … not escalation … to deal with this situation,” Zeidan said during a televised cabinet meeting.

The AP believes that government forces may have intervened, as it appeared that Zeidan’s abductors were not willing to let him go.

A militia commander with ties to the Interior Ministry told a private news channel that another Tripoli-based militia intervened by storming the house where Zeidan was kept, securing his release.

The commander of the intervening militia – calling itself the ‘Reinforcement Force’ – spoke to Al-Hurrah television, recounting a gun fight in which his men attacked the building and freed Zeidan without any harm coming to him.

Security sources first told local media on Thursday morning that armed units grabbed Zeidan from the Corinthia Hotel in the Libyan capital and took him to an unknown location, Reuters says. The reports were later confirmed by a government statement, but government officials could not be reached for comment at the time.

It later turned out Zeidan was seized by the same former rebel group that is now working with the Interior Ministry to maintain security in the capital.  see more