There is magic in you that makes me quiver!

In every sunrise and in every sunset I see you clearly.   You share
with me those moments , and I can feel it deep in my heart.   Though
you are out of touch,  out of reach and out of sight,  you live in my
heart,  forever and a day.

That moment when someone said you have to fight for someone you love.
Oh yes, we fight for them and try to hold on forever.   But people
come and go and some are not really meant to stay forever.   So,  let
go because the mere fact that someone just ignore you is indicator for
a time to let go.

Bring back the magic in you.  Add life and colors to YOU because you are unique.

Better to get up late and be wide awake than to get up early and be
asleep all day.

You have the potential and there is something there.   Just believe in
magic and unleash all potentials with no inhibitions.   Just be you.

It is time to TRUST.  It’s time to start to build little bridges and
reach out to people.

“I want you to know how important you are to me,  how you can be the
creator of the person that is in me if you choose to.  You alone can
break down the wall behind which I tremble.  You alone can see behind
my mask.   You alone can release me from my shadow world of panic and
uncertainty and loneliness.   So please don’t pass me by.  I know it
will not be easy for you.  A conviction of worthlessness builds strong
walls.  And the nearer you approach me,  the blinder I may strike
back.  You see,  I am to be fighting against the very thing I need the

But I am told that love is stronger than walls, and in this,  lies my
only hope.  So beat down those walls with your firm but gentle hands,
for the child in me is very sensitive and can’t grow behind walls.  So
don’t give up,   I need you.

Know that you know and listen to what you know.  Then act upon it.

Learn to trust your own voices.   Learn to hear again. Learn to
believe.  Try it out!  You’ll never know until you do.

The wonderful thing about doing  is that you not only release yourself
and become free,  but you allow everybody else to be free,  because
then you are responsible for all you do,  for the actions that you
take.  And don’t be afraid to fail.  We live in this society of
perfectionism.  Forget it!!!

Life is a choice and it’s yours to make.   You can live it happily or
you can live it sadly.   You can be giddy.  You can be ever so
serious.  But take full responsibility for the choice you make.

Choose the way of life.   Choose the way of love.  Choose the way of
caring.  Choose the way of trusting.  Choose the way of goodness.
It’s up to you.  It’s your choice.

In every crisis there is a message.   Now I realized things are just
things.  If your life is at stake,  you drop everything fast.  Life is
the most precious gift there is.


By:  Margie Gellor Villanueva