Egypt’s deposed president Mohamed Morsi will be allowed a visit from lawyers whilst in prison, according to Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Hassan Saleh.

Saleh told Ahram Online that the public prosecutor has granted Morsi the visit, but stipulated that it should take place in a maximum of five days, starting Sunday.

Morsi was transferred to Burg Al-Arab Prison in a remote desert area near Alexandria, Egypt’s second largest city, after his trial was adjourned to 8 January. Along with 14 other Islamist leaders, Morsi is accused of inciting violence against demonstrators in the December 2012 Ittihadiya presidential palace clashes.

During the opening trial session 4 November, Morsi, who was ousted by the army 3 July amid mass protests against his rule, announced that he would not recognise the authority of any court, claiming he remains the country’s legal president.

According to established legal procedures, if a defendant refuses to recognise the court or appoint a lawyer, the trial judge has the right to appoint a lawyer to represent the defendant.

source: ahram online