Microsoft Gulf has exhibited the features and properties of the new operating system Windows 8 in Hall 7, B 10 at Dubai’s International Center for Exhibitions and Conferences where GITEX Conference and Exhibition 2013 is held. Microsoft Gulf also launched trial versions of Office 365, and offered special gifts during the five days of the event.

Microsoft will unveil the update of Windows 8.1 and its features, in addition to Windows-operated gadgets that allow users to reconnect with Sky Drive and Windows Store updates.

Microsoft will also exhibit its latest updates of Yammer, a network of social organizations that groups people, their communications, their content and business information in one place. It brings together and interconnects more than 20,000 international organizations to achieve the best results in the field of electronic content.

Link Development, a company specialized in solutions and software, also exhibited its latest technological solutions. The company allowed GITEX’s visitors to follow its activities via a smart phone application.

Visitors will be able to interact with more than 20 companies offering innovative solutions in different fields and business sectors. Microsoft works with more than 1500 firms in the Gulf region to offer a variety of solutions that empower businesses, increase productivity and answer specific business needs.

Microsoft’s showroom is in Hall 7, B 10 in Dubai’s International Center for Exhibitions and Conferences, where the 33rd round of GITEX is held.

source: msn