Communication is a necessity for every business. Any ambitious company must strive and thrive to improve its communication. A business has internal and external forms of communication. The two types are equally crucial to the success of a company. There is a need for effective communication between the management and the employees. Potential customers and clients also require being informed of the business products and services.

The following are some of the commonly used communication resources in small and large business enterprises.

  1. Basic communication resources

These are the essential tools that a business requires for it to develop effective communication. All companies, either small or large, need to have these tools of communication. Below are examples of the basic communication tools in business.

  • Landline telephones

A business needs to choose the telephone combination to use. Landline telephones are commonly installed in the business offices. It can record voice messages in case no one answers it. The capability makes it capable of passing information whether someone answers it or not. You need to regularly check your voicemail records to be able to respond to messages in time. A business telephone should always not be used as a personal tool. Users should exclusively use it for business matters.

  • Mobile/cell phones

This tool of business communication is used for mobile communications. It operates over some cellular network sites. You have to check the mobile phones adaptability at your business location 15 to 30 days after purchasing it. Most mobile phone selling firms give you a room to return the gadget within 15 to 30 days of purchase in case it does not serve your intended purpose.

  • Mail

Mail is one of the oldest communication resources. It has been outdated by the modern communications methods, but it is still ranked among the most effective communications tools in businesses. It credited for its ability to deliver tangible information materials such as shipping items, contracts, and documents. It is a very secure tool. One can print postage messages from home using a account.

  • Web and video conferencing

This tool receives and transmits both voice and video messages in simultaneously. Web conferencing is another tool that allows businesses to share applications and documents. These tools enable businesses to efficiently interact with clients like if they were in face-to-face interaction.

  • Social media networking

Social media is a form of a social network comprising of organizations or people with a common interest. It creates a community-like interaction. It enables the group to interact and share information about their interest. Social networking allows businesses to share and interact with both active and potential customers efficiently. Regular participation is critical for a social network to meet its intended goal. You need to keep your clients updated with every new information about your products and the company as a whole.

2. Internet and e-commerce

Conducting businesses through the internet is called e-commerce. The Internet is a handy communication tool in business especially in the field of marketing. It helps companies to communicate and markets its products to potential customers all over the world. You can also create and develop a website where customers can learn about your business from. The Internet can offer your business a variety of services. You can use it as a marketing platform or a place where you post information to convince potential customers to purchase your products.


A computer is a very sophisticated business communication tool. Computer prices vary depending on the models and the make. Computers are essential for services such as e-mailing, spreadsheet work, word-processing, and accounting. Machines are also beneficial when you need to send large files of information all over the globe. There are various computer options available in the markets.

Notebook or netbook





A business that dreams of succeeding should invest heavily in communication. The above communication resources can give a company some excellent results when well-utilized.


by: Mark Palmer