The Labor Ministry will soon introduce an online vocational testing system for professionals working in the retail sector. The test will be mandatory to help organize the labor market and raise the quality of manpower, in addition to enhancing services for citizens, said Labor Ministry sources. The ministry has begun drafting mechanisms that will be implemented over several phases to introduce the testing system.

The system will be mandatory for Saudis and expats who are involved in vocational work in factories, workshops, maintenance, contracting and other specializations, to curb the entry of nonprofessionals into these sectors. Foreign and local experiments will be surveyed, workshops implemented, testing mechanisms designed and test questions developed in phases.

A computer system will also be devised to test the application, data entry, verification and fingerprinting phases before officially setting up the test online. Videoclips with translations in more than six languages have also been added to the online feature and test results will evaluate candidates’ strong points and pitfalls. Applicants who pass the test will have their working licenses issued automatically.

The system will be introduced to several companies and establishments to nominate professionals to undergo the test.

Discussions have also been carried out with the government electronic program, Yusr, at the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology to support the program.
The tender to build a comprehensive computer-testing program has been awarded to a specialized company to bear the pressure of implementation inside and outside the Kingdom. The program is executed according to a working plan.

Many aspects of this plan have been finalized, such as the electronic portal of the testing project and services related to registration and license applications, while the installation of various systems is under way.

source: arabnews