Expats who fail to carry their resident permits (iqamas) will be fined SR1,000 first time and SR2,000 and SR3,000 if they are caught without iqamas for the second and third times.
“If expat dependents including wife and children engage in any work or business without permit, they will face SR1,000 fine for the first time, SR2,000 for the second time and SR3,000 for the third time. The police department will then make a proposal to the interior minister to deport the violator,” explained Jeddah Police Director Maj. Gen. Abdullah Al-Qahtani during a business meet at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday. Expatriates living in the Kingdom after the expiry of their work or visit visas would be jailed, fined and deported.
“An expat giving shelter to another expat overstaying his/her visa may also face deportation,” Al-Qahtani said, adding that it would be decided by the interior minister. He said Jeddah police have held 9,000 expats for violating iqama regulations and 1,300 others for violating the labor law. “We have also arrested more than 10,000 beggars including women and children.”

source: arabnews