The cosmetic and plastic surgery market in the Kingdom is witnessing a boom with a volume in excess of SR4 billion where men make up 40 percent of the customers, local media said. Riyadh recorded the highest rate of cosmetic surgery at 70 percent, followed by Jeddah and the Eastern Province at 25 percent and 5 percent, respectively, Consultant of Plastic Surgery at King Khalid University Hospital Khalid Al-Zahrani said.

Al-Zahrani quoted a recent survey in Riyadh as saying that 25 percent of women in Riyadh have expressed a keen desire to undergo cosmetic surgery due to financial capability to have the operations done. Men in the age group of 20 to 40 made up 40 percent of the customers, he said, adding that 10 percent of the medical errors appeared after the completion of the surgical procedure.

He also said that cosmetic procedures were most sought after during the summer and at the time of marriage when women working in the media, the private sector and educational institutes were apt to go under the knife.
Dr. Bishr Al-Shanawani, a cosmetic surgeon, said that the Kingdom ranked the among the top 25 countries for most cosmetic procedures.


He said the number of cosmetic operations carried out in 2010 was 141,000 which doubled in 2014, adding that the cosmetic surgery market which currently stands at SR4 billion is poised to hit SR5 billion in the next two years.

source: arabnews