The Bureau of the Royal Household announced on Friday that His Majesty the King had a “minute subdural bleeding in the left frontal area” and doctors have requested His Majesty to cease royal activities for a time.

The Committee of Royal Physicians reported that the King on Thursday night “experienced intermittent twitching of his right hand and his heart beat was slightly increased”.

“An x-ray computerised tomography of his brain revealed that there was minute sudural bleeding in the left frontal area. After medication was given intravenously last night the seizure disappeared.”

The King’s right hand movement, heart beat and pressure are now normal, the doctors said.

Earlier today, Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Theera Wongsamut said His Majesty the King has indefinitely postponed a planned trip to Ratchaburi province.

Mr Theera said he had received the information from Royal Household Bureau deputy secretary general Dissathorn Watcharothai.

His Majesty had planned to visit Khao Cha-ngum Land Development Project in Ratchaburi’s Photharam district on Sunday.