Reality star Khloe Kardashian landed in Dubai, according to five of her Instagram posts in the past two days, including one with only her eyes showing as she covers herself with a Muslim niqab.

The 30-year-old announced her trip by uploading a picture to Instagram on Sunday captioned “Ugh my head…. Hangovers are the worst. This flight to Dubai will be utilized well with this long ass nap I’m about to take. I look rough lol.”

However, the most recent Instagram post is the one that got the most attention which depicted her wearing a niqab, which she caption “Habibi love.”

“Habiby” is an Arabic term of endearment, meaning “my love.”

A lot of commenters saw her wearing of the Muslim veil as offensive saying that she was “taking away the meaning of what our niqab holds for a selfie,” while others argued that she that she is respecting local traditions and that it suits her.

She also shared a photograph and a video showing that she was staying in the underwater suite in the famous Atlantis hotel on the Palm, which features a large aquarium with a shark in the master bedroom… see more