The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT sports car Paul Walker was riding in when he died on Saturdayhas been at the center of an investigation to determine what happened when it spun out of control and hit a tree. It’s believed the vehicle was traveling above the speed limit, and experts familiar with the model are saying the Carrera GT isn’t just for the casual driver, labeling it as “brutal” and “a handful to drive.”

The bright red car, which was driven by Walker’s friend, business partner and experienced racer Roger Rodas, had three times the horsepower of an average vehicle and ran a V10 engine. It can hit 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and is undoubtedly as powerful as it is beautiful.

The $450,000 two seater was heralded as one of the fastest cars on the market when it debuted about eight years ago, with top speed higher than 200 mph. Now, as the model is getting a closer look following the tragic crash involving the Fast and Furious actor, experts say it’s a difficult car to control when flying at a top speed.

“It’s a pure racer’s car,” Todd Trimble, an exotic car mechanic in Las Vegas, told CNN. “You really need to know what you’re doing when you drive them. And a lot of people are learning the hard way.”

Although Porsche originally planned to produce 1,500 of the cars, it discontinued the model after two years due to changing airbag regulations in the U.S. Only about 1,270 GT models had been manufactured at the time, with 604 sold in the U.S. The car involved in Walker’s death reportedly had six owners before the crash.. see more

source: mashable