Channel 4 has backed Jon Snow’s unusually direct and emotional online video about the Gaza conflict and revealed that it prompted one child to write to the UK foreign secretary.

In the video, published on YouTube on Saturday and the Channel 4 News website the following day but not broadcast on TV, Snow speaks directly to camera about how what he saw in Gaza was “still etched in my mind” and appeals directly to viewers to take action to stop the conflict.

A viewer contacted Channel 4 to say that after watching Snow’s video on the children of Gaza her eight-year-old daughter had written to foreign secretary Philip Hammond to express her concern.

“I think that it is sad that so many people in Gaza are being injured or dying, especially women and children. It’s our fault,” she wrote.

“We are killing the people of Gaza by giving Israel weapons. We need to take our part in it and stop giving Israel weapons or who knows how long this is going to go on for. I would appreciate it if you could talk to the government of Israel and try to stop this tragedy.”

The video, filmed in the Channel 4 News studio, is understood to have been shot on Friday after Snow returned to London from Gaza via Tel Aviv…. see more

source: Guardian UK