With official results expected to be published some time today, first indications in Libya’s national election point to Mahmoud Jibril being ahead.

The wartime rebel prime minister, who leads his own National Forces Alliance of around 60 parties, has already called for the creation of a grand coalition government.

Jibril claims he has a wide spectrum of support among Libya’s electorate.

Around 65 per cent of eligible voters cast their ballots in the North African country’s s first national poll which was carried out on the whole in a peaceful manner.

However two deaths were reported as protesters in eastern Libya sought to disrupt the vote fearing a power grab by Tripoli.

When the count is completed the new 200-head assembly will be charged with naming a prime minister and cabinet. The main task will be to formulate a new constitution. Full parliamentary polls are due to be held later next year.





ref:  http://www.euronews.com