The country is having a new form of festivities that would even cause Mona Lisa to raise an eyebrow. It’s not official though, but the fad is hitting the Japanese netizens to dare to post their phone numbers on their Twitter accounts. Its pioneer, Kazuma Ieiri, even posted his address and, bravely so, his bank account.

Ieiri, a businessman and famous Twitter user, started postinghis phone number for the reason that he’s interested in communicating with new people. The act became an unusual trend called ‘phone number revealing festival.’ Although it is not unusual for anyone to be concerned with security issues, Ieiri claimed that his interest in engaging in a conversation outweighs the worries of possible risks. As the entrepreneur with over 60,000 followers started going all out on the social network, so did his fans. Or at least they reckoned.

One Twitter user welcomed the idea with seeming great expectations when he said, “This is so cool! With people revealing their phone numbers, you can call and talk to lots of different people.” Perhaps he was the one who made the call to a person who shared, “Someone called me! Amazing! It was much more entertaining than I expected!” Another Twitter user also shared waking up to a “timeline filled with people’s phone numbers.”

Although there were people who welcomed the idea, there were also netizens cynical of the fad. One asked, “What the… this is popular now? Isn’t it scary?” Ieiri may have started the fad, but he also reminded everyone that there’s no need to join the club if posting one’s phone number online makes one uncomfortable. Sensible Twitter users simply have to remember what could happen as soon as they let their personal information known on the internet.

source: japandailypress