Seems like some hackers will stop at nothing, even going so far as to disturbing your toilet habits. Security firm Trustwave released an advisory this week that warned consumers that anyone with anAndroid smartphone and a My Satis app can remotely operate any Inax Satis toilet. This is due to the fact that the company hard-coded their Bluetooth PIN with “00000″.

The My Satis app can remotely make your toilet flush and can also activate the bidet and drying functions, which can be mighty inconvenient if you’re sitting on the throne without knowing someone is controlling the settings. What’s more, it can even access the detailed defecation records stored in the commode. Now we don’t know for what nefarious purposes that can be used, but we sure don’t want anyone having records of what and when we go number 2. Now all these things cannot cause harm to a user, but Trustwave says a hacker can increase your utility bills by continually flushing your toilet. And if you forget to put the lid down, it can even cause water damage to the bathroom.

Trustwave has already informed Inax about the security flaw but has not heard back from the toilet makers yet. High-tech toilets are very common in Japan and tourists are always surprised and confused with all the different functions that they offer. Maybe that’s another danger to someone hacking into the toilet system; confusing and terrifying all those tourists could provide amusement to some sick individuals out there. That’s one of the prices we pay for being connected with these smartphones almost all the time.

source: japandailypress