The son of movie star Jackie Chan has apologised and begged the public for a second chance following his release from a six-month jail sentence for allowing people to use marijuana in his apartment.

Jaycee Chan, 32, said at a news conference in Beijing that he was rededicating himself to his family and entertainment business career. Chan, who like his father has worked as an actor and singer, said he wanted to apologise for his mistakes and was ashamed. He said he had ‘no reason, no excuse’ for the behavior that led to his arrest in August alongside Taiwanese actor Ko Kai and others.

‘After this correction by the justice system, I have changed my outlook on life and my values,’ Jaycee said. He and Ko both tested positive for marijuana and police seized more than 100 grams of the drug from Jaycee’s Beijing apartment. He could have been sentenced to up to three years, but was shown leniency by the court for having come clean with his law breaking.

Chan’s news conference was broadcast live on Chinese state broadcaster CCTV, illustrating the propaganda value Beijing hopes to gain from the high-profile case amid a sweeping anti-drugs crackdown. ‘I made mistakes, I will remember this lesson, I won’t commit mistakes again in the future,’ he said in Beijing. ‘I want to apologise to everyone for my mistakes. I’m genuinely sorry.’.. see more

source: Dailymail Uk