SAN FRANCISCO — Google is veering into Uber’s lane.

The Internet giant may be getting into the ride-hailing business, according to a report from Bloomberg BusinessWeek that says Google “most likely” has been working on an Uber competitor as part of its driverless car project.

Google is one of Uber’s biggest investors and its chief legal officer David Drummond sits on Uber’s board.

Drummond recently notified Uber about the possibility that it will soon launch its own ride-hailing app, according to the Bloomberg report. Uber may ask Drummond to resign from the board.

Uber executives have also seen screenshots of what they say looks like a Google ride-hailing app being used by Google employees, the report said.

Uber did not respond to requests for comment.

Google responded to a request for comment with a link to a tweet it sent to Bloomberg BusinessWeek: “We think you’ll find Uber and Lyft work quite well. We use them all the time.”.. see more

source: usatoday