If you are looking to Jailbreak your iPhone 5S or an iOS 7 based device then you’re in luck as evad3rs has released one. The Jailbreak is untethered meaning it doesn’t come with the restriction of having your iPhone, iPad or iPod connected to a computers during the boot-up process. However, it does come with its set of controversies as it supposedly installs TaiG which is a Chinese alternative to Cydia. The team from evad3rs has clarified that TaiG is only installed if your device is recognised as one used in China and can be removed.

Interesting Jay Freeman (@saurik), one of the most respected figures in the Jailbreak community has mentioned that he was not made aware of the release and that there could be issues with Mobile Substrate and Cydia. A member from evad3rs responded that they are working on fixing issues related to the initial release.

We recommend that you wait for a few days until issues are surfaced and ironed out before Jailbreaking your iOS 7 devices.

source: msn