Falling out of the sky at speeds of 170mph, these daredevil women are plunging headfirst into history.

The 63 skydivers have broken the record for the world’s largest female vertical formation skydive.

Among those taking part were four British Parachute Association members: Laura Kenyon, Liz Boniface, Catriona Adam and Weed Stoodley.

They jumped head first out of a plane at 5,600m (18,500ft) before arranging themselves into formation.

It took a dozen attempts for the skydivers to beat the previous record of 41 women.

Falling into the record books: International group of daredevils breaks world record for female formation skydive
Headfirst: The 63 skydivers fall to the ground at 170mph (Picture: Norman Kent/Barcroft)

‘Everyone has to perform together, which is what makes the record so challenging,’ said Nancy Koreen, of the US Parachute Association.

Action photographer Norman Kent also took the plunge with the team to capture the action over Eloy, Arizona on Saturday.

‘I love being a part of these events. My personal goal is to capture it in all its glory. In order for the record to be successful, there needed to be magical perfection in everyone’s flying technique.

‘Not only did I get to capture the record but I had an opportunity to capture the essence of this magical team flight as one unit.’

Skydivers from Canada, Australia, Mexico, France, Norway, Sweden and Germany, also took part in the record jump.

source: Metro UK