Your company might have a unique product from its competitors that gives solutions to consumer problems. Also, the company’s team that is mission-driven might identify a market gap. However, your customers need to understand why they should buy your products. Therefore, every company requires a compelling sales pitch, which is a necessity for any successful business. Businesses regardless of their sizes ought to be involved in high-quality  influence training to gain skills on effective or innovative ways of articulating their products’ value persuasively. In fact, the sales and marketing sector is competitive; hence, your company should have innovative ideas to pitch their products and services to win more customers as well as maintain their customers. Besides, you need a sales pitch to enable you to attract the attention of your customers and close your deal. Also, you need an innovative sales pitch method to sell your business idea to innovators or to convince developers to join your team. These ways will guide you through your presentation and help you close the deal.

Create a story

When presenting your products or services to your audience, it is paramount that you combine an array of visual aids so that your audience can have a visual story of what you are presenting. Besides, the visual aids will engage your audience throughout the presentation so that their attention does not deviate. In fact, visual aids help the audience to comprehend how the services or products will fit into their daily lives or in their business. Also, you can consider incorporating music, dance ensemble, and memes. It is also paramount to use projections during your presentation, but ensure that you use projections wisely like combining comedic timing when sliding presentations and projecting your presentation in a surprising area instead of using the same area as the previous presenter. You can create a unique story by turning your idea into a comic one by introducing a funny video during the presentation. You also need to build interactivity with the audience, which ensures that your customers remember the message. Consequently, you make an impact that leads to a closure of the deal. You can give your audience the opportunity of selecting the most valuable information so that you focus on it, rather than clicking through all other slides.

Structure your pitch

Another innovative way of giving a sales pitch is placing all the crucial pieces of information in the presentation’s overview. You will have an easy time together with your audience diving into the most exciting details of that presentation. However, as a presenter, you will find it challenging when presenting your products or services to a diverse range of audiences because each audience is different and they value information differently. Therefore, you can easily customize each sales presentation to ensure that each audience gets the kind of information they value by structuring your pitch.

Present the challenges

As a salesperson, you must admit that your objective for every presentation is to present the benefits of your services or products. Every salesperson wants their audience or customers to know the benefits that they will enjoy using their products or services. However much you want to do this, you could end up losing a deal that you would otherwise have closed. Surprisingly, prospects sometimes don’t care about the benefits of your products or services. Your prospects want to know how your product will solve their specific challenges rather than how they help the entire population. To such a prospect, everything else you tell them about the product is irrelevant. Therefore, you should end your sales pitch after addressing the challenges of your prospect and how the product will solve the problems.

Bring the narrative to life

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to make your sales pitch interesting by turning it into an engaging story. You can search for several sales pitches that have been done by other companies in your industry and get an idea of how to pitch your sales. When you turn your sales pitch into a narrative format, you are sure that your audience will comprehend the exact problem that your product or services seek to solve as well as the exact solutions that it offers. You need to get rid of the dry bullet points and engage your audience by incorporating a visual story for a successful sales pitch.

Get feedback

There is no other better way to know how well or bad your sales pitch is doing than getting lots of feedback from your customers. It is paramount that you ask for feedback from your prospect after making an important point about your service or product. You can ask the prospects if the point that you have explained makes some sense or if it applies to them. It is a sure way of getting approval or disapproval from your prospects. You give an opportunity to change your offering so that you increase chances of closing the deal when your candidates don’t get the sense after making your crucial point.


by: Sia Hasan