With the new onslaught of expanding IT departments, more industries are finding themselves in need of skilled IT workers. If you’re an IT professional, now just might be the time to start looking for that beloved job you’ve been waiting for. Actually, according to CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2017, nearly 41 percent of “US firms report having IT job openings and are actively recruiting candidates.” Moreover, a report from Robert Half Technology found that 69 percent of US CIOs expected to hire IT workers to fill vacancies caused by turnover. Whether you’re looking to make a change or finally in a position to get a job in IT, here are a few industries that are seeking out professionals like you.


In recent years, the healthcare industry has taken massive hits at their data. Healthcare data is extremely sensitive with patient information that cannot be changed–social security numbers, birthdates, etc.. Because of this, it makes it highly susceptible to cybertheft, therefore requiring healthcare firms to up the ante with their IT security. Healthcare organizations are required to meet strict compliance regulations, especially when it comes to protecting their data. With the most recent data breaches seen in the news, many healthcare organizations are looking for IT professionals to help protect their data and computer servers.


Though construction may seem like an odd ball out for an industry seeking IT professionals, these companies have become more reliant upon technology, especially for larger-scale projects. According to the Dice Tech Salary Survey, IT workers in the construction industry are among the highest-paid tech professionals. This sudden increase is seen in part to be an after-effect from when the housing market plummeted. Many projects that were put on hold have been greenlighted as the economy has begun to improve.


With many of the dreams of “Back to the Future” quickly coming to life, the automotive industry has seen a large influx of tech professionals being hired. Self-driving cars and “smartcars” are incorporating more technology than ever before. According to Mike Durney, CEO of DHI Group, Inc., “Many automotive companies today recognize that leveraging technology is critical to competing in the market today. Having skilled technology professionals on board is necessary to make that happen.”


Next to tech professionals in the construction industry, pros working in government have also recently seen a big increase in pay and rightly so. The government and other defense sectors are hot areas for IT professionals. Along with healthcare data breaches, we’ve also heard of many data breaches within our own government as their servers are also carrying and holding highly sensitive data. Keeping this data and servers secure requires highly-skilled tech pros.

Professional Services

Whether they offer legal services, accounting or advertising services, high-value professional service firms have become more concerned with security. Additionally, these kind of companies are expanding their digital and web businesses and are also looking to increase their use of analytics. Due to this, many professional service companies are needing IT workers who can support their growth efforts into the tech world.

Consumer Goods

With pressure on to find the next great thing, companies that make consumable goods from clothing to food and beverages have begun to embrace new technology. More and more consumer companies are harnessing big data and investing more into predictive analytics, RFID technologies and more. And these companies are willing to pay for the tech talent. Project Management Institute listed food and beverage as one of the top-paying industries for project managers with an annual salary of $105,000.


Another industry that has seen an influx in hiring IT professionals has been banking. Senior Vice President Matthew Ripaldi fro Ajilon Consulting stated that  IT jobs in the banking sector should seen a 50 percent growth in the next six years. Because of the high potential of losses each year, banks have started investing more on fraud prevention, increasing the need to hire IT professionals to ensure that information and money stays safe.


After Target took a big hit in 2013, retail companies began dumping more and more into tech security. Due to the recent boost of data collecting and mining for retail purposes, retail companies have become another big target for cyberbreaches. They can carry massive amounts of data on customers that is worth a pretty penny on the black market. However, in addition to the rise in data collecting, retail companies are also seeking out tech professionals to analyze and interpret data, and develop technology to create the best shopping experience for their customers.


Rick Delgado
Bio: I’ve been blessed to have a successful career and have recently taken a step back to pursue my passion of writing. I love to write about new technologies and how it can help us and our planet.