India is celebrating the successful the atmospheric re-entry of its most powerful satellite launch vehicle, which could see it sending humans to space soon. With this “destiny-changing” launch, it hopes to secure a bigger share of the global space market.

At around 9:35am local time, five minutes after liftoff and at an altitude of 126km (78 miles), the module GSLV Mk-III re-entered Earth’s atmosphere, news agency PTI reported. Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a congratulatory tweet for the occasion.

The module fell over the Bay of Bengal about 115 miles (185km) off the southern tip of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Indira Point.

“The powerful launch vehicle … will change our destiny in placing various spacecraft into communication orbits,” S. Somnath, project director on the GSLV, told journalists... see more

source: RT