You may not think of me when you are happy..
You may not remember me when you are having a good times.
You might not know me by my face nor my name when you won the lottery.
You may not want to know me again if you met someone like Angelina Jolie .^_^
You may not want me to your side when you are having a great party.
You may not want to hold my hand when we are walking at the river or sea side ..
You many not want to hug me in front of you friends or in public.

You may not want to kiss me on my cheeks in front of your family.
You may not say “I Love you dearly” if someone’s are around us.
You may not admit right into my face how much you love me and care for me..
But I am so sure that when you are alone sad and hurting you will remember me saying my name .
Wishing you can hear my voice I am next to you hugging you with love and care.
You may hide your emotions or tell a lie to other’s but you can never cheat YOURSELF

Great unexpected emotions occur in a very special solemn moments in everyone’s life.


By: Nelia Vista