The iPhone X released in late October comes with an edge-to-edge display (OLED) that has changed the smartphone market forever. Its price tag aside, it is expected that it may set off a mobile arms race among the various mobile manufacturers in a bid to outdo each other. Keep in mind that the iPhone X is a high-end smartphone designed for the premium market.

Unlike any other Apple device released before it, the X has already split longtime iOS detractors and Apple diehard fans by the fact that a phone could cost more than four digits. Additionally, it is putting to test a theory to determine just how much consumers would be willing to pay to get the best device that Apple puts out to the public market.

It Feels Like a Phone Designed for the Future

The device which went up for preorders on the 27th of October had many fans and detractors wondering whether it was really worth the amount that it was retailing at. This is keeping in mind that it was to be released on the same day as the similarly powerful iPhone 8. They differed in a few areas, though.

Its Edge-To-Edge Display Is Stunning

The main standout feature of Apple’s latest release is its OLED screen. The lucky few people who have been able to purchase the device have all concluded that it is one of the most stunning smartphones that they have ever come across. With this device, Apple copied the display from Android devices that were released earlier this year.

Even though the design is copied, this has in no way stopped Apple from delivering a stunning piece of hardware. But you will find that there are weird quirks that you may need to contend with when using this device. For instance, there is a rectangular notch like cut out at the top of iPhone X’s screen. This is where the giant manufacturer has placed sensor parts for animoji recordings and Face ID recognition, all of which you can study at an IOS bootcamp.

Apple, however, has superiority over all the other high-end smartphones in the market in the form of brightness and color adjustment. It has an advanced retina moniker which implies that the 2436*1125 employed by the phone at 458 PPI is a work of art.

Additionally, the X has gone into record books as the first device from Apple to come out HDR ready. If you look at it critically, this is the major differentiator between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. It sure makes it appear as though the extra 200 dollars are worth it.

Powerful Front Camera

The camera located at the top-notch cutout comes with various sensors that can scan your face as well as transpose the face to form an emoji. The sensors are what you require to unlock the phone. Apart from the sensors, the camera has a proximity sensor, speaker, flood illuminator, dot projector, 7 megapixels, speaker, and an ambient light sensor. All these combined makes up what Apple refers to as a TrueDepth camera.

The TrueDepth camera makes the X capable of capable of performing numerous aperture reduction tricks when used in portrait mode. The feature was last year restricted to the back of the iPhone 7 plus. It also makes it possible for the X to implement new portrait mode effects.

Apple’s iPhone X is bound to revolutionize the high-end smartphone market for a long time to come. It has the fastest chip ever manufactured by Apple. It also enhances phone security by scanning your face. It is what makes it one of the most attractive phones on the market today.


by: Mikkie Mills