Geoffrey Chaucer said, “….if gold rust, what then will iron do??For if a priest be foul, no wonder that common man should rust…”

Saying this phrase, Chaucer has the spell over the humanity all over the world. Being original iron rusts but gold doesn’t; gold is symbol of purity, love, authenticity, legitimacy, faithfulness while iron relates to something lesser. If gold rust than its obvious that purity is easily tarnished and show blemished then what chance does something lesser have?

People are born with the ravenous desire to find somebody perfect. We are so obstinate and implacable that we often subliminally become pompous and put our nearest and dearest off. The presence of gold is an auspicious thing. This is the embodiment of limpidness and genuineness all over the globe. This is like if our leaders have started to lie, if angels started to sermonize violence and cruelty then what can you expect from a common man. Effective leaders recognize that what they know is very little in comparison to what they still need to learn. If corruption starts from the upper level then why you do expect that civilians would pay tax, a common man will be honest in ones dealing. This is like expecting sun to rise at night. If I am given with some power and I am not true to my people then I must be prepared mentally for the fraudulent society.

Everything starts at the upper level. A child copies his parents in all his proceedings rather than parents copying the child. Here implies the words that as you sow so shall you reap. The other day somebody was nostalgic that people were not making the best use of libraries, even students. Well it boils down to telling both the dog and bone in tandem. If the very best have flaws then it’s obvious that those al lower levels can’t be faultless. Change comes from the highest level. We are all to blameworthiness for something. Be honest with your dealings, realistic to your people, faithful to your duties; these will escort towards triumph.

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”


By: Ammara Siddique