Live for today as tomorrow shall take care of itself. It is interesting as we go through life we identify ourselves differently. Today’s troubles are enough for today, be not therefore anxious for tomorrow, for the tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Take the trouble of the day as it comes.

Considering the severity of challenges confronted by modern society, every social entity has to take care of itself. I signify an individual, a nation-state, world community as a whole. At individual level as well as at community level, our duties and responsibilities are different. The future starts today, not tomorrow. Today, the problem with us is that we are conscious about tomorrow no matter that how our life is scheduled today. I want to be a business man and I am giving my day and night for this, regardless of my health even. Still I am not sure whether I’ll be a successful business man or not…pitiable in short. Why have we made our lives so multifarious that we are not conscious about our present? Worrying about future has become a trend among people, to cry over unknown things. My today shall be like that history remembers my name in golden words, surely that will be my destiny. My country, the people of every race, pedigree, caste, colour etc they are in actual whom we should care for. I should be able to serve humanity, work for the poor, and work for their needs; then in true words I shall be given some credit. Live as you were to die tomorrow.

Since “the only alternate to co-existence is co-destruction”, all we need is to start taking care of our today to ensure a safe and prosperous tomorrow. Be not therefore solicitous for tomorrow, for the tomorrow will be solicitous for itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.


By: Ammara Siddique