One field that has seen big changes in recent years is the field of human resources. While the way HR departments operate have already evolved considerably, there’s more change on the way. Making use of new technology and implementing more efficient methods will help change human resources in a number of ways.

Greater Emphasis on the Team Mentality

The concept of a team environment has been given more thought in recent years, because of the benefits it provides to the organization and to individual employees. These benefits, such as improved productivity and better peer support, can only be achieved through mutual trust. However, recent surveys found that trust between employees isn’t quite as high as it should be. As we head into the new year, a greater emphasis on trust-building exercises will lead to more effective and more cooperative teams.

Data Analytics Will Become More Useful

Data analytics has helped change every aspect of the way we do business from inventory control to digital marketing. Now, the technology is expected to make its way into the HR offices. By assembling data analytics, Hr professionals can get a better impression of candidates for openings and can better determine which employees would be best to promote into management positions. Overall, data analytics will help HR departments run more efficiently and make better decisions that will affect the productivity of the organization.

Emphasis on Personalization

Traditionally, HR departments have operated from the position of doing what’s in the best interests of the company by studying employee time tracking and job performance has always been one of the best approaches. We’re also finding that providing more personalization is helping HR improve everything from candidate selection to job performance. For one example, people working in a position which requires frequent input from others in the work area benefit from an open floor plan. Alternatively, those who work best when left alone work more productively in an enclosed office or cubicle. By taking a closer look at each employees needs and addressing them, HR departments can have a more positive impact on the organization’s overall efficiency.

HR Departments Will Create Better Leaders

The manager is quickly becoming a thing of the past as more and more organizations embrace the team philosophy. Managers can’t function without creating an environment that’s harmful to the team. For that reason, more HR departments will take on the role of training managers to become leaders. To lead requires adapting to an entirely new skill set, which the proper training can help instill. HR departments will have to take on the role of coach, guiding managers into the role of leader, so their teams will flourish.

Developing Mobile Apps

Today, there’s an app for almost anything, whether you want to play a video game or make your mortgage payment on time. HR departments are expected to start developing their own mobile apps as well. HR mobile apps will provide each employee a way to manage his or her benefits, pay options, and tax deductions. This will save time for busy HR executives, while also helping employees maintain better control over their compensation packages. Hr executives can also make use of apps to keep track of job openings and candidates, employee performance, and individual attendance records.

Use AI to Eliminate Bias

We expect to see AI take many leaps forward in the coming months, making it more reliable in business operations. As human resources departments begin incorporating AI-driven tech into their daily tasks, there will be decreased risks of bias or human error. When AI is used to assist in candidate selection, employee recognition, and other similar situations, the opportunity for bias is eliminated. While there is still some degree of human involvement, decisions will be based on criteria already established by the AI system.

As technology evolves and we learn more about helping people be more productive, the role of the HR department will also change. Just the expected technological advances we expect are going to have an impact on human resources, but changing attitudes may play just as big of a role. Embracing team philosophies and giving employees the resources to succeed will be a main focus of HR departments in the coming year.

Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.hat it brings to your business as a whole.