She made her debut on TV hit Homeland on Sunday night – playing a new Muslim CIA analyst tasked with tracking down terrorists by gruff boss Saul Berenson.

But Nazanin Boniadi has already been on a ‘mission’ of her own after it was alleged she was vetted to become Tom Cruise’s girlfriend by Scientology chiefs – and told she was ‘going to save the world’.

The stunning 31-year-old actress plays rookie analyst Fara in the Showtime series, but she hit the headlines last year after Vanity Fair reported that Nazanin was secretly chosen to date A list star Tom, 51, before he married Katie Holmes – and the pair enjoyed a brief romance.

Maureen Orth, a special correspondent for Vanity Fair, last year claimed in a bombshell article that  Scientology officials auditioned ‘dozen of young women’ for Tom Cruise prior to his marriage to Katie in 2009.

And she alleged that Iranian-born, London-raised Nazanin ‘was told she was being chosen for a mission’ and was ‘really going to save the world’.

Maureen also claimed that Nazanin did not know what was in store for her – or that she would end up meeting Cruise.

The claims were strenuously denied by the Church of Scientology at the time.

However, the writer told Good Morning America in September 2012: ‘[She] was told that she was being chosen for a mission, that was really going to save the world. That she was going to be meeting dignitaries, that it was very important that she look good, and be worldly.’

She went on: ‘And she had no idea, when it began, that [she] was going to end up meeting Tom Cruise.’

Nazanin has appeared on TV in a number of series including comedy How I Met Your Mother, but her appearance on Homeland could prove to be her biggest role yet.

Millions watched as the slight brunette made her debut as Fara, a young Persian transactions analyst brought in to help Saul trace the Langley bombing operation’s funding and its origins.

She was left in tears as Saul chided her for not working hard enough and pointing out to her headscarf, raged: ‘That thing you’re wearing on your head… is one big ‘f**k you’ to the people you work with,” he tells her. “Give me a goddamn plan or don’t say anything.’

But Fara retaliated by bringing in the bankers suspected of illegally partnering with an Iranianin trading company – before discovering that the usual banking fees removed from wire transfers had simply disappeared. A total of $45 million had gone to an unknown individual, and Saul suspected finding that money will lead in the right direction. see more  

source: Dailymail UK