IF you thought it was steep to own the iPhone in Australia, try living in India.

An infographic, created by website Mobile Unlocked, has revealed the most expensive and cheapest places to buy and own an iPhone 5S around the world. The place for a bargain pick-up is the USA at A$783, while in Jordan it’ll set you back a whopping A$1,200.

The data is based on cost price of the 16GB iPhone 5S on that specific country’s Apple Store in native currency (plus Californian sales tax) and is then converted to show varying price ranges across the globe.

The top three cheapest places to buy an iPhone 5S is as follows:

USA: A$783

United Arab Emirates: A$783

Hong Kong: A$798

Australia lies in 14th as cheapest place to buy at A$890

On the opposite end of the scale here are the three most expensive places to buy an iPhone 5S:

Jordan: A$1,200

Turkey: A$1,178

Romania: A$1,121

But there is more to these figures than their face value. Mobile Unlocked also created an index that compares handset price to the national gross domestic product per capita (the average wealth for each person in that country), so in fact owning an iPhone can be relatively so much more in some countries.

In Qatar it’s not so bad. In fact, it’s quite a snip at only 0.76% of the GDP, meaning that due to the extra disposable income floating around the choice to buy a handset won’t take that big a dent out of your account.

In India, it’s a different story where an iPhone 5S costs a staggering 22.3% of the GDP. This means that it’ll cost a lot more from a person’s wages to buy than in other countries.

Highest cost of owning an iPhone against GDP:

India: 22.3%

Vietnam: 19.7%

Jordan: 18.2%

Lowest cost of owning an iPhone against GDP:

Qatar: 0.76%

Luxembourg: 1.15%

Singapore: 1.3%

So, if you’re scouting for a bargain present for Christmas and happen to be dropping by the States, head to an Apple store. If you’re in Jordan, stick to sightseeing.

source: news.com.au