Arnon Milchan, a Hollywood film producer of Israeli origin, who has filmed such blockbusters as “Fight Club”, “L.A. Confidential” and “Pretty Woman”, confesses that he has spied and been an arms dealer for Israel. In an Israeli TV show “Uvda”, which is scheduled to be broadcast on Monday, Milchan is going to reveal some details of his life which some people will probably find no less interesting than any Hollywood movie.

Other guests to the show will be Russel Crowe, Robert De Niro and Ben Affleck, who starred in “Daredevil”, a film produced by Milchan.

The host of the upcoming program, Israeli journalist Ilana Dayan, says that Arnon Milchan has told her that he has attempted to engage Hollywood film directors in some activities aimed at Israel’s benefit. He even involved late film director Sydney Pollack in acquiring arms and other military equipment for Israel in the 1970s.

Ilana Dayan says that Milchan has been an entrepreneur since his early 20s, crossing from business to show business, from politics to military activity. He has a unique talent of enchanting people, which helped him to make friends in various spheres, Dayan says.

Once, Milchan involved actor Richard Dreyfuss to unknowingly take part in one of his, Milchan’s, shady deals. Milchan has invited one of the developers of H-bomb, Arthur Biehl, to a party at Dreyfuss’s house, saying that Dreyfuss allegedly wanted a scientific consulter for one of his projects.

Arnon Milcher says that he is proud of his spying for Israel and getting weapons for it, because he is an Israeli and did it for his country. He also adds that he is already tired of constant accusations that he is a arms dealer. He has never sold arms, he says.

Sensational as they are, Milchan’s revelations that we’ll hear on Monday will most likely not come as something absolutely new, because a couple of years ago, a book came out, written by Meir Doron and Joseph Gelman and titled “Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon – Arnon Milchan”, in which one can read about Milchan’s secret work for Israel.

At present, Arnon Milchan is filming his version of the biblical story of Noah, a man who has survived in a global flood.

source: voice of russia