NEW DELHI: Hockey India president Narinder Batra on Sunday reacted strongly to Pakistan’s misbehaviour following their win over India in the Champions Trophy semifinal on Saturday, saying that India will boycott all matches with Pakistan until appropriate action is taken, according to Times Now.

The Pakistani players had celebrated their victory by taking off their shirts and making obscene gestures towards the spectators and the media, although their coach Shahnaz Shiekh was seen rebuking them.

Pakistan coach Shahnaz Shiekh, who had apologized on behalf of the team on Saturday, went back on his words and said that it was the fans who instigated the players.

“The players will not apologize, the incident happened in the heat of the moment,” Sheikh said on Sunday.

The International Hockey Federation said that there would be no further action against Pakistani players after their coach tendered an apology for wild celebrations… see more

source: times of india