THE world’s most powerful search engine has finally released a tool that we all surely need.

For many of us, when we have a blind spot in our knowledge base or have a rather embarrassing curiosity, we quietly turn to Google for the answer.

But as any tech savvy person knows, everything we do on the internet is used by someone somewhere to piece together a picture of our digital life and target us with ads. Nothing on the internet is ephemeral and that means Google probably knows about some of your weirdest and most secretive insecurities.

But the good news is the company has developed a new tool to allow you to take back some of the more embarrassing moments you’ve had using Google services.

It’s simply called My Activity and allows people to see the information the search engine giant has been compiling on them and ask it to forget certain things — ostensibly putting the power back in the hands of the people.
You know, so you can erase awkward questions you asked the internet gods like: “why does my husband fart so much?”.. see more