A fresh New month a fresh new plan..

A fresh ideas that will occur to your mind.

Do what you love..

Try all the things you like..

Be adventurous.

Always be grateful.

Find a time to relax..

And put a smile on your face.

Face your problem don’t hide your feelings..

Express your emotions.

Follow the beat of your heart Never say NO if you you can.

Don’t say Yes and then play the game.

Never say “I love you if its not true”..

Just say “I care for you’ if the feelings untrue.

Take a risks follow the flows..

Dance wih the music of life.

And sing with the wind of change..

Smell the flowers and inhale the breeze..

Life is full of happiness but you must fill in the quiz.

So Live Love your Life and Be happy for the rest of your of your Journey.

Good Luck and Happy October 1st.


By: Nelia Vista
Nelia Vista is poet, inspirational quote and article writer