No cemented house, no worries about future, no acting but still happy; these should be humans but unfortunately the creature living such a contented life is a bird. They just live giving life a meaning. They don’t have permanent residence anywhere to just show us that this life is ordinary and precious too.

We people waste that gift building big houses, raising bank balance and missing the charm of little happiness. When we saw a sparrow feeding her nestlings with millet equally distributed among all, we realize the real meaning of love and happiness. In contrast to that look at humans the more you raise your standards the less you have time to spend with your family. We spend whole life to just live a happy life but at the end we realize that in search of happy life we missed the happiest life because happiness is not what we search but happiness is what comes to us living a contented life. In this world we think that happiness comes with money but this is a wrong assumption. If we have money but at the same time attacked by a disease due to which we even cannot eat the food of our choice then what is the benefit of all this wealth. Life is one time offer. If we stop controlling life it is full of surprises. Every time life teaches a lesson. When we feel sad even then we are experiencing the ways to happiness. Happiness is living a life with yourself and satisfying your soul. Competition is important for survival but there should be balance. It is also a fact that we cannot live a happy life without money but it should not be our only priority. Sometimes people need your attention more than your bank balance.

Life is not as easy as we think but to make it as easy as we think is called happy life. No one else teaches you to be happy because everyone has his own bundle of worries. You have to create happiness and feel it.


By: Aisha Mushtaq
       Writer is student of BSc. Honz. 3rd GCU Lahore (Pakistan)