During the Haiyan/Yolanda disaster in the Philippines, a woman named Grace Acojedo was seriously injured. She was crushed inside of her own house in Ormoc, Philippines. She spent the first four days after the disaster in horrendous conditions that have left her in terrible shape. Her fiance, Houssam, traveled to the Philippines and helped take to a better hospital in Cebu. She has begun the long process of recovery. Her journey has been terrifying.

Houssam planned to marry his fiancé in May, but hurricane Haiyan/Yolanda ravaged her home town Ormoc. Communications were impossible, so he took hiatus from work and flew from Canada to find out for himself what had happened to her. Traveling was a nightmare, with floods of people attempting to get out of (and into) the Philippines.

He found her in a run-down private clinic that smelled absolutely rotten. Her stitching was done horribly by the clinic in Ormoc. Her teeth and chin are broken, as well as her wrist and finger. Deep cuts around the body. The clinic charged my friend $400 to discharge her, claimed she was fine.

After being denied by all ferry companies back at the port, a coast guard lieutenant helped Houssam, Grace and her family to get to Cebu to get to a hospital for treatment.

Grace’s injuries were extensive, even though the Ormoc clinic discharged her: Critical eye trauma, glass in the face, broken ulna and wrist, very badly bruised ribs, deeply infected cut in the leg and broken heel tendon and all of her front teeth need to be replaced.

Grace is completely helpless, but her fiance has been tending to her non-stop. He has spent over $3,000 at the hospital on her care.

Grace is HAPPY now with Houssam  .. see more